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What features are included in a cloud backup service?

An online, or managed backup service, sometimes marketed as cloud backup or backup-as-a-service, is a service that provides users with a platform for the backup, storage, and recovery of files, databases, and virtual machines. CloudBacko Go is one of these cloud backup services providers, which is easy to use and deploy.

Flexible annual subscription plans

Subscribers to Backup as a service (Baas) plans should be free to choose the type of applications, systems, or number of devices/endpoints for backup. With the option to use public/private cloud storage services and or bring your own disk (BYOD). As well as flexible and competitive annual pricing plans which are based on storage. You can get bigger discounts if you subscribe for longer period plans. For details, you may refer to

Supports unlimited devices / endpoints

Enterprises always have demand for backups of databases, virtual servers, NAS devices, Microsoft 365. CloudBacko Go supports the backup of unlimited devices /endpoints under a single subscription plan. It is much easier to manage all your backup data under one plan.

Free unlimited upgrade to latest version

BaaS providers should include free unlimited upgrades to latest version, to make sure your backup software is always up to date, with the newest features, and latest security protection to keep your backups running smoothly and securely.

Free technical support

All BaaS providers should include free technical support, with multiple channels for customers to get immediate assistance. For example, you can contact CloudBacko technical support via our contact us page.

Include cloud storage (CloudBacko Drive) OR bring your own disk (BYOD)

Regarding cloud storage, you should always have a number of options from well-known public/private cloud storage providers to enable you to implement the 3-2-1 backup rule. You can even bring your own disk if you prefer. If not, you can select CloudBacko Drive which is powered by Microsoft Azure.

Cloud backup services providers offer a variety of backup services to meet customers’ requirements. If you find other cloud backup solutions don’t fit your requirements, why not drop us a line via WhatsApp at We are pleased to help to secure your data.