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Hyper-V was a tool introduced by Microsoft in 2008 to facilitate server virtualization. Its smooth running and fast backup ensures cost saving and security for businesses in the virtualization space. The use of Hyper-V reduces the cost of physical hardware for any company since it allows them to virtualize their physical environment.

It is important to use dedicated software for hyper-v backup for the following reasons:

  • Flexible Backup Options

    A dedicated tool backup tool for Hyper-V offers more restore options allowing you to make your own choices regarding backup. What, how, when and where to backup your hyper-v are decisions that can occupy your mind. A dedicated tool will take these decisions off your mind with the flexible options it provides. For example, with a dedicated backup tool you can backup VMs at either host level or guest level. There is also an option to automatically schedule your backup, which reduces the load on your server and enables you to set the backup at peak times.

  • Space Saving

    Using a dedicated tool will allow you to avoid redundancy in data by removing repetitive data from the backup. This saves space on the backup and allows for only one file to exist in the backup. You can also choose to compress data before making a backup of it, again saving space.

  • Security

    It is important to secure your backup data. Data theft, intellectual property theft and malicious intelligence gathering are all security concerns that any organization strives to eliminate. A dedicated hyper-v backup tool provides security solutions with the ability to protect your backup data with military grade encryption and you can be in control of the encryption keys.

  • Fast Restoration and Backup

    Speed is a very important factor in backup and restoration. A dedicated backup tool is invested in heavily to ensure that the product delivers high speed backup and restoration, allowing it to provide the dedicated service within minutes. No company can keep waiting forever until its data backs up or restores since its reputation and profits are at stake.

These are just a few of the reasons that dedicated Hyper-V backup software should be used. Not only will it ensure secure, fast, and reilable backup but it will also provide dedicated services specific to the backup of Hyper-V data. Do you use a dedicated tool to backup your Hyper-V data? Find out more about us here.