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The difference between cloud backup and cloud storage


We hear words associated with the cloud all the time, words like cloud backup and cloud storage. They are all the buzz and found everywhere, but what do they mean?

The shared goal of both solutions is to protect a user’s data and make life easier. The difference is that backup saves your data in case of loss or damage, and storage creates a gateway to access information from anywhere.

Cloud backup is essential to prevent data loss. Even with cloud storage, the possibility exists to lose your data due to end user error and ransomware attacks among others. With a cloud backup solution, a safe copy of your data is copied to a completely separate storage environment for an unlimited period of time. This allows you to effectively restore your data if you need to.

When targeting businesses in particular, things like enterprise management, unlimited users, and disaster recovery are vital when it comes to backup applications. In case of damage or loss, cloud backup will be able to recover the information instantly, with the most up-to-date version available.

Who will benefit from a cloud backup solution?

CloudBacko Go is perfect for startups and business owners who constantly review business data and turn them to actionable insights to improve business. It is also beneficial for mobile workers, digital nomads and those who work remotely and using technology to perform their job.

If you are an individual or part of a business, it is essential that you keep your files secure with a backup solution. Protect your data from ransomware and other malicious activities. Download CloudBacko Go for free.