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Continuous backup for keeping the most recent changes

Both CloudBacko Pro and CloudBacko Lite equipped with the Continuous Backup feature for keeping all the changes made to your backup source. Basically, when this features is enabled, whenever you save a file, that change will be recognized by the CloudBacko software. Within the defined Frequency ("Define how often an updated file is backed up"), the latest change will be backed up to the backup destination. For example, if you set the Frequency as 1 minute, and you have saved a file for 10 times. After a minute, the changes between previous backup and the 10th change will be backed up. You can define the Interval ("Define a regular time interval within which a snapshot will be kept for restore") for keeping a snapshot. For example, if the Interval is set a 5 minutes, then with this 5 minutes, only 1 snapshot will be kept. If more than 1 backup is triggered by the Frequency setting, only the last one will be kept.

CloudBacko Pro

In CloudBacko Pro, multiple settings are available for you to customize this feature, including the Time Interval,

Besides, CloudBacko Pro also allows you to set exclude filters for Continuous Backup for excluding unwanted files or folders for Continuous Backup.

Moreover, it gives you the flexibility to run Continuous Backup only when your computer is with enough resources. You can set the values of CPU usage, network traffic and idle time for your computer to trigger continuous backup.

CloudBacko Lite

In CloudBacko Lite, Continous Backup is always on so that the latest changes made to your backup source are always backed up.