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Backup PC & Mac to Cloud for FREE!
Backup to these destinations:

Get unlimited cloud backup space
by pooling multiple free cloud accounts together

CloudBacko Home is capable of combining free cloud storages available from Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox into a single large storage. By adding multiple free accounts from each of these cloud providers to CloudBacko, you can get as much as 100TB of cloud storage free of charge.

File and folder names are encrypted as well

Need a secure cloud / online / offsite / remote backup solution for backing up your data? CloudBacko is your ultimate choice. It is the only backup solution that can encrypt everything with a 256-bit truly randomized key, including all the data and filenames. No one, not even NSA, is able to read your backed up data on the cloud. It's because with our truly randomized encryption:

Your data are encrypted to the maximum extent
No lazy encrypting keys such as "abc123" or "123456" will be used
Simply unbreakable, as even a 10.51 Pentaflops supercomputer needs 3.31 x 1056 years to crack such key

Only CloudBacko encrypts your filenames as well

Continuous Backup in the background

CloudBacko Windows version has the Continuous Backup feature. Once configured, CloudBacko will keep backing up your files and folders in the background continuously whenever there is a change in content.
CloudBacko comes with advanced Continuous Backup feature.

Easy to use, no training required

CloudBacko comes with the most intuitive user interface that is so easy to use. No training will be required to get started. Selecting backup sources, managing destinations, scheduling automatic backups, monitoring the health of your backups, and restoring data, all can be done effortlessly. Whenever you need assistance, the Help button on each page provides you with the answer right away.

CloudBacko's easy-to-use GUI interface.

Zero data loss with multi-destination cloud & local backup

Need to keep multiple copies of backup at different local and cloud locations to prevent data loss disaster from happening? CloudBacko can do it by backing up your data to multiple destinations, including Aliyun, Amazon S3, AWS compatible storages, China Telecom CTYun, Google Cloud Storage, Google Drive, Microsoft Azure, Microsoft OneDrive, OpenStack, Rackspace Cloud Files, Dropbox, FTP / SFTP sites, external USB drive, and local / mapped network drives.
CloudBacko guarantees successful data recovery.
CloudBacko keeps unlimited backup versions as long as you need.

CloudBacko can be installed on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

Clear insights and reporting

With CloudBacko's reporting tool, you can get clear visibility into the backup details of all destinations, including usage trend, backup and restore reports, log for warnings and errors, etc.

CloudBacko's crystal clear backup, restore, and usage reports.
CloudBacko offers software update for free.