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CloudBacko GO Backup and Restore Solution

All Useful Backup Features Included

CloudBacko Pro

A backup software designed for backing up business servers. It comes with advanced features designed for backing up virtual machines, applications, databases, and Windows System.

CloudBacko Lite

A backup software designed for backing up business desktops and laptops. It is equipped with many useful yet easy to use features backing up files, Lotus Notes, and Windows System.

CloudBacko Home

A backup software designed for backing up home Windows and Mac desktops and laptops. It can continuously back up your important files and folders to local and cloud storage whenever there is a change in content.

CloudBacko App

An app designed for backing up photos, videos, audio, documents in iOS and Android mobile devices. It also acts as 2-Factor Authenticator for CloudBacko Pro / Lite / Home.

Edition selection for current CloudBacko customers:

Existing customers who like to upgrade your CloudBacko software to the latest version, please click here and read the important notes carefully before upgrade.

New Features in V5

  • Data Deduplication

  • Hyper- V/VMware application aware backup

  • Data storage management system

VM backup and restore

  • Microsoft Hyper-V guest VMs backup

  • VMware guest VMs backup (support ESXi free and paid versions)

  • Hyper- V/VMware reduce backup file size

  • Data Migration

  • VM instant recovery

  • Granular files and folders restore

  • VM live migration

  • Application aware backups

  • Excluded swap file and delete blocks from backup file

  • File

Applications and file backup

  • Cloud File

  • Office 365 Exchange Online Mailbox
    [#Only 2 user mailboxes can be backed up per CloudBacko Lite installation]

  • Windows System

  • Microsoft Exchange Server EDB, Individual Mailboxes, and DAG

  • Microsoft SQL Server

  • MariaDB

  • MySQL

  • Oracle Database

  • Windows System State

  • Photos and Videos in iOS / Android Mobile Device

Uncompromised security

  • Secure 256-bit military-grade data encryption

  • Password / privacy lock

  • Local encryption before transmitting

  • AES / Twofish / DESede encryption algorithms of your choice

  • Folder names encryption

  • Two Factor Authentication

  • Act as authenticator for CloudBacko Pro / Lite

Speed boosting

  • Deduplication

  • Block level incremental / differential backup

  • Configurable data compression level

Flexible retention (versioning)

  • Flexible data retention (versioning) policy

  • Simple retention based on number of days or backup jobs

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly, custom retention

  • Unlimited retention policies per backup set

  • Never delete backup data

Comprehensive backup features

  • Easy backup source selection

  • Step by step backup set creation wizard

  • Connection testing for backup destination

  • Continuous backup (in Windows and mobile environment)

  • Backup reminders

  • Unlimited backup sets

  • File permission backup

  • Proxy support

  • Open file backup in Windows environment

  • Windows User Authentication support

  • Sequential backup to multiple destinations

  • Stop backup job from System Tray icon on Windows machine

  • Stop backup job from System Tray icon on Windows machine

  • Daily, weekly, monthly, and custom scheduling

  • Concurrent backup to multiple destinations

  • Configurable maximum concurrent backups

  • Backup source filtering tool

  • Command line tool

  • Bandwidth control

  • Backup only when Wi-Fi is available

  • Native file format backup

  • Pause backup when device power is low (optional)

  • Only run backup while charging (optional)

Easy recovery

  • Restore all backup data in one-click

  • Point-in-time restore through file explorer interface

  • Restorability verification with built-in integrity checking

  • Restore multiple versions in single operation

  • Search files / folders to restore

  • Open individual files in backed up ZIP / ISO without downloading the full ZIP / ISO

  • Restore database to original location

Multidimensional reports

  • Detailed backup and restore reports

  • Graphical usage report

  • Email reports

  • Activities tracking by Windows Event Log

Extra useful features

  • Storage space free-up

  • Easy deletion of unwanted data

  • Software update notification

  • Export software settings

  • Import software settings

  • Windows

  • macOS

  • Linux

  • Android

  • iOS

  • Local hard drive / USB drive / Network share

Multi-platform support

Backup to unlimited destinations

  • 1&1 IONOS

  • Alibaba Cloud (Aliyun)

  • Amazon S3

  • S3-Compatible Cloud Storage

  • Backblaze B2

  • CenturyLink

  • CTYun

  • DreamHost's DreamObjects

  • Dropbox

  • IBM Cloud Object Storage

  • Google Cloud Storage

  • Google Drive

  • Microsoft Azure

  • Microsoft OneDrive

  • Microsoft OneDrive for Business

  • OpenStack

  • Rackspace Cloud Files

  • S3ForMe

  • Scality

  • Wasabi

  • Zadara

  • SFTP / FTP

Combine unlimited destinations as one

  • Combine unlimited cloud and local destinations as one