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Reasons we backup Microsoft 365

Updated: Sep 29

Enterprises need to backup Microsoft 365 due to complete own and control your critical data. We explain as below. We need to manage and own our data

Employees working from home in pandemic period. New normal working model is an established trend. Employees are using Software as A Service (SAAS) software including Microsoft 365 – Office, Teams, Outlook, SharePoint, OneDrive to handle their daily tasks. Who owns and manages your Microsoft 365 data? In Microsoft’s service agreement (, you’ll find this clause: “We recommend that you regularly backup Your Content and Data that you store on the Services or store using Third-Party Apps and Services.” It is clear to point out you have responsibility to manage and own your data.

We need to safeguard our own data

We are required to have authority access to enter our offices. It is same as to access our mission critical data. Enterprise backup solutions comes up with 2-Factor Authentication protection and AES 256-bit encryption under zero trust theory that is to zero trust any entrant, always verify them. It is an efficient way to consistently protect your own data.

We need secure our data just in case of accidental deletion/human error

You may say I can recover Microsoft 365 data in my recycle bin. But how to recover data if you cleared your recycle bin? Is the recycle bin same as backup? They are not the same. Backup enables you to select designated files and folders to backup. Set auto regular backup to ensure your data is updated. It allows the recovery of your data from any point in time to protect your data from accidental deletion/human error.

One copy of Microsoft 365 data is not enough

From an enterprise level backup point of view, 3-2-1 backup strategy are widely applied for all enterprise. It encourages enterprises to have 3-copiesof data. 2 copies saved in a physical location. 1 copy saved in the cloud. If there is natural disaster such as, earthquake, hurricane in your data centre, you can also restore your data from other locations.

All in all, we need 100% to own and manage your mission critical data. It is not a daunting task. Find your trusted backup vendors such as CloudBacko Go. They provide complete and secure backup Microsoft 365 solutions at an affordable price. Neither hardware investment nor IT knowledge are required.

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